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    When it comes to property development, land surveying is an extremely important component. For this reason, a qualified land surveyor is an invaluable resource for any development. If you’re looking for trusted assistance from land surveyors in Pheasant Creek for a subdivision, or if you require advice from experienced land developers, Stacey Surveying can provide the services you need. We have the necessary experience to identify a property’s boundaries, list all features, and instruct you on all building regulations that must be met.


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    Feature and Level Surveys

    A Feature and Level survey is required as the initial survey in all building and developing.

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    Site Analysis Plans

    A Site Analysis shows the context around the subject site to ensure your development reflects the neighborhood style.

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    Drone and Aerial Scanning

    Stacey Surveying is at the leading edge of survey technology as a drone surveying company that utilises professional-g

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    Building Set outs

    When it is time to build your new house, ensure that the plans become a reality on the ground.

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    How Our Team Can Help

    A family owned and operated business, you can trust us to provide you with the highest standards of service. Our registered land surveyors in Pheasant Creek can assist you with:

    Whether you’re looking for help with an industrial project or you need advice for a residential subdivision, our land surveyors can provide the assistance you need.

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    Stacey Surveying is proud to be a leading choice when it comes to property surveyors in Pheasant Creek. Get in touch with us today to learn more – simply call us on 03 9088 3695 or fill out our online enquiry form.