Feature and Level Surveys

Feature and Level Surveys

Feature and level surveys are required as the initial starting point in all land development projects. They involve the locating of information on the subject site along with adjoining properties and street features. At Stacey Surveying, we can provide feature and level surveys as well as topographic surveying services for clients throughout Melbourne.

Highly Detailed Feature Survey Plans

If you’re planning new land developments in Melbourne and need a land development survey carried out, you can trust Stacey Surveying to provide you with a professional and highly trained topographic land surveyor. We can help land developers in Melbourne to formulate a detailed feature survey plan, the standard elements of which include:

  • Title and easement overlaid onto survey
  • Contours to 0.2m intervals
  • Trees on subject site, adjoining properties and nature strip
  • Services such as pits, water and gas meters, etc.
  • Buildings, sheds, carports and garages
  • Overlooking windows
  • Fence descriptions
  • Heights of ridges, gutters and windows (upon request)
  • Driveways, paths, embankments
  • Bench mark placed at front of property
  • Connect to Australian Height Datum (AHD) when required
  • Locate additional buildings in street
  • Rescode requirements by your council

We cater to individual requirements and can add or remove the required features upon request. With a licenced land surveyor on our team, we can also take care of all the surveying requirements that are part of building and planning permit applications for council. Please see our Resources page for examples of feature and level surveys.

What Does a Feature Survey Show?

A feature survey in Melbourne will show all information about a property, as well as any adjoining properties and other details required by your council in order to develop or make changes to land. This includes ground level, existing structures, fences, drains, utility services, trees and more.

How is a Feature Survey Used?

The results of a feature survey can be used by your designer to conduct their work and are also often needed for relevant council applications.

How Much Does a Feature Survey Cost?

The cost of feature and level surveys can vary depending on the extent of work required. Speak with our team to request a feature survey cost estimate that takes your needs into account.

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Land Subdivisions

Property Subdivision in Melbourne

Land sub division is a term that refers to the act of dividing up an area of land into smaller sections where multiple lots can be developed. At Stacey Surveying, we provide professional assistance from start to finish with subdividing land and building in Melbourne. Together with our experienced subdivision team, we engage with a licenced land surveyor who will work closely with you to ensure your property subdivision project proceeds smoothly.

Why Subdivide?

One of the greatest benefits of subdividing land in Victoria is that it can be a great way of boosting your profits. With Melbourne’s increasing growth and demand for housing, subdivision of existing land is vital. At Stacey Surveying, our highly trained and experienced subdivision team can guide you through the processes. We use the latest equipment and technologies to deliver the best subdivision services in Melbourne.

What Steps Are Involved in the Subdivision Process?

Land subdivision in Melbourne involves three steps, which are listed below:

  • A planning permit must be granted that allows for subdivision to take place. The planning permit will detail the general parameters and conditions that must be met for full approval.
  • A formal plan of subdivision must be prepared by a licensed surveyor and certified. The subdivision survey plan must comply with the planning permit.
  • A statement of compliance is issued for the subdivision, detailing evidence that it complies with all planning permit requirements.

What Issues Must Be Considered Before Subdividing Property?

Before going forward with the subdivision process in Victoria, you’ll need to address and manage a number of issues. These can include subdivision overlays, consent from owners, legal agreements, and building surveying input. You’ll also need to take into account the various subdivision costs in Victoria.

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To learn more about property subdivision in Melbourne and how Stacey Surveying can help you with your development project, contact our friendly team today. Our subdivision surveyor can offer professional advice and assistance – just give us a call on 03 9088 3695 or send us a message via our online enquiry form.

Site Analysis Plans

Site Analysis Surveying in Melbourne

As part of town planning applications for subdivision, the council requires that the survey show all properties within a 50 metre radius of the construction site. This site analysis plan ensures that the proposed development fits in with the surrounding neighbourhood context and provides a complementary feel. At Stacey Surveying, we can provide site analysis surveying in Melbourne for clients who need to get their projects approved by the relevant authorities.

Comprehensive Plans

Our site analysis plan services are comprehensive and highly detailed. We provide height details on all properties shown in the site analysis and much more. This means that architects can draw full street-scrapes for town planning submissions. In addition, all properties are located using the theodolite, ensuring a high level of accuracy.

What is a Site Analysis Plan?

A site analysis plan is a plan that’s used to gain an overview of a site and its context, including any development constraints or opportunities. Site analysis looks at features such as structures, pipes, roads, landscaping, lighting and more to allow for good site planning.

What’s Shown On a Site Analysis Plan?

Photos, locations and a solar traverse are shown on each plan, ensuring a full response to Clause 55 of the planning scheme. Please see our Resources page for an example survey.

Why Are Site Analysis Plans Necessary?

A site analysis plan is often necessary due to council development requirements, with the plan helping the council to assess a proposed development. These plans are also vital for planning a development in terms of landscape features and orientation.

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Title Re-Establishment

Title Re-Establishment Survey in Melbourne

Are you planning construction work on or near your title boundary? Do you need help settling a fencing dispute with neighbours? At Stacey Surveying, we can provide a title re-establishment survey for Melbourne domestic and commercial clients. Our Licensed Land Surveyor can verify the exact boundaries of your title, ensuring there are no lingering questions or confusions. Whether you want to know exactly what you can and can’t do or you need confirmation to proceed with construction work, we can provide the assistance you need.

How We Can Help

Tile re-establishment requires knowledgeable experts who can handle contested site boundaries and other issues. Fortunately, we have an experienced team as well as engaging a licensed land surveyor who can meet all your re-establishment survey needs, including:

  • Determining, verifying and marking the location of title boundaries
  • Identifying legal issues and rights regarding the title
  • Providing accurate and reliable advice on issues and your rights

Our services are extremely useful when disputes arise, construction work is planned, or you intend to buy or sell property.

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Stacey Surveying is the number one choice for title re-establishment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do and how we can help. Simply call us on 03 9088 3695 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Monitoring Surveys

Monitoring Survey

When older buildings start to shift and crack, it is not always in the owner’s best interest to start from scratch. Often, a more cost-effective solution can be found by taking a close look at the problem and determining if repairs are possible. At Stacey Surveying, we can undertake a very precise monitoring survey for any property on a monthly, bi-monthly or half yearly schedule.

We pride ourselves on carrying out each and every monitoring survey with the highest attention to detail. While we’ve assisted with a range of clients and projects, one of our most notable monitoring projects is the ongoing quarterly survey of the famous Melbourne landmark, the Banana Alley Vaults on Flinders Street.

What Information Can a Monitoring Survey Provide?

During our monitoring surveys, we determine the direction and magnitude of any building movement. This information can provide a good indication of where and how repair work should be conducted. We can also track movement over time to identify whether the problem is worsening.

When is a Monitoring Survey Necessary?

Monitoring surveys are required for buildings and other structures that are experiencing movement or showing signs of movement. Common structures that need monitoring include bridges, dams and retaining walls.

How Much Do Monitoring Surveys Cost?

The cost of a monitoring survey can vary depending on the specifics of a building and the required frequency of surveys. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, discuss your requirements with our team today.

Learn More Today

If you’re interested in finding out more about our monitoring survey services, get in touch with Stacey Surveying today. Call us on 03 9088 3695 or contact us online for prompt assistance. We’re happy to share our expertise with you regarding monitoring surveys for buildings and other structures.

Asset Recording

Land Surveying & Asset Recording Services in Melbourne

If land surveying relates to the measuring and documenting of particular peaks, troughs and landmarks on a piece of land, then asset recording services concentrate on locating the essential features and services built underground, determining that they’ve been designed and built to meet minimum approved standards.

Stacey Surveying offers a wealth of asset record experience and knowledge that enables us to deliver comprehensive and accurate services for engineers, developers, contractors, Government departments and more across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We can help you by providing:

  • Residential subdivision-specific asset surveys, particularly for services such as water, sewerage, NBN and more
  • Asset recording surveys for various types of water pipelines, including recycled and waste water
  • Analysis of pipe ovality
  • And more

How Long Do Asset Recording Services Take?

Where necessary, as part of our asset recording services we endeavour to provide 24 hour turnaround of field survey work. We offer rapid transmission of data with geo-tagged photos along with video footage that enables you to assess the condition of the asset.

What Types of Infrastructure Can an Asset Record Identify?

An asset record can identify most types of infrastructure, including power poles, pipelines, boundaries, manhole covers, bridges and more.

How Much Does Asset Recording Cost?

The cost of asset recording services can vary depending on the scope and scale of your project. Discuss your job with us today to receive an accurate cost estimate.

Flexible Delivery of Digital Data in Various GIS Formats Available

We are a registered provider of A-Spec digital data (https://www.a-specstandards.com.au/).We record digital data in various GIS (Geographical Information System) formats as required by your relevant council. This includes D-Spec (Drainage), O-Spec (Public Open Space) and R-Spec (Road Reserve).

This asset record data is captured to ensure that as-constructed infrastructure is as per design and presented in a format which is usable by a multitude of authorities and councils.

For more information, contact Stacey Surveying today.

Title Amendment

Title Amendment

Titles determine who has ownership of a property, and they serve as legally binding evidence of that arrangement. Titles can be modified to reflect physical boundaries, or where there are differences between neighbouring title plans. Stacey Surveying can assist with title amendment for residential and commercial clients, conducting surveys and collecting important information to achieve a fair outcome.

Why Choose Stacey Surveying?

There’s no better choice than Stacey Surveying when it comes to amendment of title for homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on:

  • Our extensive expertise and years of experience
  • Our high standards of accuracy
  • Our detailed plans
  • Our cutting-edge surveying equipment and software
  • Our competitive costs
  • Engaging with a licensed land surveyor who can assist with all surveying needs

Discuss Your Requirements Today

Look no further than Stacey Surveying when you need title amendment services. Simply call us on 03 9088 3695 to discuss your requirements and book a free consultation. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@staceysurveying.com.au or message us online for a prompt response.

Land Surveyors

Professional Land Surveyor

Land surveying is an extremely important aspect of land and property development, requiring the expertise of a professional land surveyor. Surveying helps determine the boundaries and features of a property, what building on the land will entail, and what building regulations need to be satisfied. At Stacey Surveying we are a licensed land surveying firm, allowing us to conduct all surveying work around residential and commercial development. We service the entirety of Melbourne, providing efficient, prompt and accurate land surveying services.

Our Range of Services

A family owned and operated business, Stacey Surveying boasts years of experience helping each and every client achieve their land development goals using the latest surveying equipment. We offer a range of excellent services for your benefit, including feature and level surveyssite analysis plansmonitoring surveys and building set outs. From residential subdivision and industrial projects through to large scale developments and more, there’s nothing our professional land surveying team can’t help you with.

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Building Set Outs

Building Set Outs

When the time comes to begin building your new residential or commercial property, it is necessary to have complete confidence that the plan you have on paper is what gets built. At Stacey Surveying, we offer building set outs that help determine the viability of your plans and ensure they can be brought to life as they should be. Using either nails in stakes or paling fences, the setting out survey procedure involves setting out the building lines to make sure the property is built in the correct location and with accurately dimensioned walls. Each line is clearly labelled for ease of construction.

When Are Building Set Outs Necessary?

A building set out survey is necessary when building any structure, from small homes to large commercial high rises. They’re also needed when building a road, tunnel or bridge, or when adding an extension to an existing structure.

How Does a Set Out Survey Help Builders?

Building and house set outs in Melbourne assist builders by providing them with the legal boundaries they have to work within, minimising the risk of disputes arising later on. A set out survey also allows construction workers to build exactly to the plan.

How Much Do Building Set Outs Cost?

The cost of a set out survey can vary depending on factors such as the size and purpose of the land. Stacey Surveying can provide you with an accurate cost estimate once you discuss your needs with our team.

Additional Services

As an additional service to building set outs, Finished Floor Levels (FFLs) are provided shown with a clearly marked nail in a steady fence post or similar. Other required levels can also be provided, such as cut and fill markers. Please see our Resources page for an example survey.

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As a family owned and operated licensed land surveying firm, you can trust us to provide building set outs and other land surveying services of the highest quality. Get in touch with our team today to organise a free consultation or learn more about our setting out survey procedure. Simply give us a call on 03 9088 3695 or enquire online.

Aerial Scanning Drone Surveys

Aerial Drone Services – Surveying & Mapping

Stacey Surveying is at the leading edge of survey technology as a drone surveying company that utilises professional-grade DJI drone systems to produce accurate and detailed 3D scans. Data can be overlaid to existing survey information, or to MGA coordinates. Our drone survey data is fully orthorectified, meaning that there are no errors or distortion between captured images. These aerial mapping services are particularly useful for:

  • Large scale sites or estates
  • Detailed buildings where traditional survey is unfeasible, such as heritage sites
  • Difficult access sites
  • Volumetric cut and fill calculations

The Benefits of Aerial Survey Drone Technology

Aerial survey drone technology has been a significant technological advancement for the surveying profession. Among the numerous benefits are:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Better data, which enables more options
  • Saves time
  • Enhanced graphics and video
  • Increased safety

Other benefits that come with using land surveying drones include significant risk minimisation and the ability to survey locations that were otherwise inaccessible.

Data Production and Presentation Details

Data collected by the aerial survey drone is produced in various formats. Common types are Autodesk Recap .rcp, .rcs, .pts or .e57. We can also overlay contours or DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and an accompanying orthophoto to your existing AutoCAD dwg file.

Our data is presented at a resolution of 1-2cm per pixel. If required, we can provide higher resolution scans for picking up fine-detail structures such as building facades.

When you’re looking for reputable aerial survey companies that offer drone services in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at Stacey Surveying.