Example Feature and Level Survey with internal building details


When renovating or extending, the designer will need to know internal house details as well as external details. Attached is an example of this type of project.

Example Building Set-Out


It’s time to construct and what has been¬†designed needs to be reflected on the ground. A building set-out entails the uploading of the architects’ plans into our surveying software and then placing nails or stakes on site showing all external walls as well as floor levels. This gives the builder all the information they need to start construction.

Example Feature and Level Survey + Site Analysis


When planning a multi-unit project we need to show the neighborhood context within 50m of the subject site. This is called a Site Analysis (Neighborhood Description) and is added on to the Feature and Level Survey.

Example Feature and Level Survey


A Feature and Level Survey is used for design work as well as permit applications on single home builds and extensions. Attached here is a typical example survey.