Consolidation of Title

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Consolidation of Land Titles

When there are two or more bordering lots of land that are either owned by the same party or multiple parties, there may be reasons to consolidate two separate lots of land into one combined lot of land instead. This is often done out of commercial interests that can be incredibly lucrative in the long term.

Anyone that’s looking to develop a new residential estate, an industrial or office park, or a farm on two or more parcels of land might need to apply for consolidation of land that will allow them to develop the properties on a single lot of land. Title consolidation plans clearly display who owns the land when multiple land titles are combined together to become one property.

At Stacey Surveying, our part in the consolidation of titles process is to draw up the necessary title consolidation plans that will be based on either a land survey or a cadastral map base and then submit the plans to be certified at the local council as per Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988. After this has been done, the certified title consolidation plans are registered at Land Victoria in order to get a new title issued. We will provide advice at every step of the way regarding the consolidation of land, including what zoning rights may apply and any other factors that need to be taken into account.

What the Consolidation of Titles Entails

Application Preparation

Before our team can process the consolidation of land titles, we need to prepare all relevant subsidiary legal entities for consolidation to ensure we have all the necessary information and documents for submitting your application.

Surveyor’s Report Preparation

We will prepare their plan and report regarding their survey of the lots of land involved. This must be done to attain the titles.

Application Submission

Title consolidation plans must be completed and lodged with Land Use Victoria via the Victorian state government’s online SPEAR system (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals).As registered SPEAR applicants, Stacey Surveying can lodge and coordinate your application electronically on your behalf. The local council the property is situated in and the lawyer or conveyancer you hire will both also use SPEAR to prepare, submit and process the consolidation of land titles application and any required supporting documents.

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