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Every survey is completed to a high standard, responding to relevant planning acts as well as the designers' needs.

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At Stacey Surveying we cater for all the surveying needs of property developers. We are on site at your convenience, working to your schedule.

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Stacey Surveying offers project management and guidance throughout your project- whether it be a house extension or your first subdivision.

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Experienced Land Surveyors in Melbourne

Melbourne land surveyors have an important job to perform when hired by construction, property development or town planning organisations. It’s the responsibility of a residential property surveyor to determine the borders of different blocks of land across Melbourne. This in turn defines where other developments can be built, such as houses, shopping centres, roads and workplaces, among others. A licensed surveyor must be completely precise in their work, as this determines what landowners can do with their land.

Family owned and operated, Stacey Surveying provides excellent land surveying for property and land development in Melbourne. If you’re searching for a first-rate property surveyor in Melbourne, look no further. Our registered land surveyors take care of each and every one of our clients’ needs to ensure that each residential land survey achieves their specific goals. We engage with a licensed land surveyor in Melbourne who can assist with all cadastral survey needs, such as title re-establishment and building a subdivision.

Our property surveyor in Melbourne can be trusted to treat every residential land survey with competency and efficiency, enabling fast and accurate processing of your development project. Our Melbourne surveyor also has extensive knowledge of current council requirements in order to produce excellent surveys responding to relevant planning acts.

Services Our Melbourne Land Surveyors Can Provide

Once any property or land has been purchased, or if you want to renovate or extend an existing property you own, there are various land surveying services that must be carried out before you can proceed with your plans.

Our land surveyors in Melbourne, Victoria, offer a range of services, including:

  • Feature and Level Surveys – Our licensed surveyor in Melbourne conducts these surveys at the start of developments to gather relevant information about the property for the benefit of designers and for building and permit applications required by the council.
  • Site Analysis Plans – Conducted as part of town planning projects which require information about properties in a 50-metre radius of the construction site to ensure it fits in.
  • Aerial scanning/drone surveys – If ever there was a technological advancement to take land surveying Melbourne properties to the next level, it’s the use of aerial drones. Boasting a wealth of benefits, welcome to the next stage of surveying in Melbourne offered by our registered land surveyor.
  • Monitoring Surveys – Our licensed land surveyors in Melbourne conduct monitoring surveys on a monthly, bi-monthly or half-yearly basis to determine the cause and extent of building shifts and cracks. This helps to work out where and how repair work should be conducted rather than starting from scratch.
  • Building Set Outs – Conducted before building a new house to make sure that the plans on paper can be built in practice.
  • Land Subdivision & Developments – Our Melbourne land surveyor liaises with all the professionals needed throughout your project, such as your local council and other relevant authorities, ensuring you receive a thorough and prompt service for your development.

Our Services

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Feature and Level Surveys

A Feature and Level survey is required as the initial survey in all building and developing.

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Site Analysis Plans

A Site Analysis shows the context around the subject site to ensure your development reflects the neighborhood style.

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Drone and Aerial Scanning

Stacey Surveying is at the leading edge of survey technology as a drone surveying company that utilises professional-g

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Building Set outs

When it is time to build your new house, ensure that the plans become a reality on the ground.

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Why Choose Our Surveyors in Melbourne?

Whether you’re completing a land development project in Melbourne or you simply need advice from a trusted residential property surveyor, Stacey Surveying is among the top surveying companies in Melbourne for a number of reasons.

We understand that your property is your biggest asset and how important it is that you receive professional and accurate advice from our knowledgeable property surveyor in Melbourne. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to take any risks that could potentially jeopardise your project or your finances.

Our director, Ashley Stacey, has accumulated many years of experience and an outstanding reputation for providing land surveying for Melbourne clients. Our team of experienced licensed land surveyors in Melbourne can tailor our land services in Victoria to meet your residential land survey needs and requirements as well as provide highly accurate and detailed plans at competitive prices.

We also employ the use of the latest infrared Leica surveying equipment for surveying the land, combined with computer drafting programs to ensure every survey produced is of the highest possible standard. If you’re wondering “where can I find a land surveyor near me for certified building surveying?”, find out how our Melbourne land surveyors can help you.

Contact Our Melbourne Surveyors Today

Got a query related to land development for your Melbourne property, or want the advice of a private building surveyor based in Melbourne? Next time you need land surveying in Melbourne, contact Stacey Surveying today. For more information about our land services in Victoria, contact our surveyors in Melbourne today by calling 03 9088 3695 or completing our convenient online contact form.



    Ashley provided us with exceptional service from day one. Prompt reliable and thorough. I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone needing surveying.

    Kristy M. - First-time Developer


    Ashley is a very professional, I would highly refer him and team he will be my first choice surveying work AAA in Victoria

    Damien C. - Builder


    We will be using Stacey Surveying in the future as we believe he gave us the best service possible. As a builder, I would highly recommend them.

    George K. - Builder


    Ashley conducted a full feature land survey for a future home building project. He was very efficient, great communicator and provided the report super-fast.

    Lisa L - New Home Builder


    Stacey Surveying are very responsive and efficient. I would not hesitate in recommending this company as they are extremely professional.

    Amanda N. - Home Owner- Building Extension


    Ash was also great with providing advice to me prior to my purchase to help me decide whether my site was suitable for subdivision. Would highly recommend.

    Andrew N. - First-time Developer


    Ash has been really helpful since i engaged him at first time for my project. I would recommend his service to everyone who is considering development.

    Ye T. - Residential Developer


    I found Ashley to be extremely professional, trustworthy and efficient. I would not hesitate in recommending as they are one of the best in the business.

    Vinny P. - Developer / Builder


    Ash proved to be an honest, reliable and punctual professional. Not to mention; a job very well done and exceptional value.

    Steve P. - Residential Developer


    We could not be happier with the services provided by Stacey Surveying! Incredibly prompt, professional, and our plans are of very high quality.

    Chantel S. - Home Owner

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