Site Analysis Plans

 Site Analysis Plans

Site Analysis Surveying in Melbourne

As part of town planning applications for Subdivision, the council requires that the survey show all properties within a 50 metre radius of the construction site. This site analysis plan ensures that the proposed development fits in with the surrounding neighbourhood context and provides a complementary feel. At Stacey Surveying, we can provide site analysis surveying in Melbourne for clients who need to get their projects approved by the relevant authorities.

Comprehensive Plans

Our site analysis plan services are comprehensive and highly detailed. We provide height details on all properties shown in the site analysis and much more. This means that architects can draw full street-scrapes for town planning submissions. In addition, all properties are located using the theodolite, ensuring a high level of accuracy. Photos, locations and a solar traverse are also shown on each plan, ensuring a full response to Clause 55 of the planning scheme. Please see our Resources page for an example survey.

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