Feature and Level Surveys

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Features and Level Surveys

Feature and level surveys are required as the initial starting point in all land development projects. They involve locating information on the subject site along with adjoining properties and street features. At Stacey Surveying, we can provide feature and level surveys as well as topographic surveying services for clients throughout Melbourne.

Highly Detailed Feature Survey Plans

If you’re planning a new land development in Melbourne and need a land development survey carried out, you can trust Stacey Surveying to provide you with a professional and highly trained topographic land surveyor. We can help land developers in Melbourne to formulate a detailed feature survey plan, the standard elements of which include:

  • Title and easement overlaid onto survey
  • Contours to 0.2m intervals
  • Trees on subject site, adjoining properties and nature strip
  • Services such as pits, water and gas meters, etc.
  • Buildings, sheds, carports and garages
  • Overlooking windows
  • Fence descriptions
  • Heights of ridges, gutters and windows (upon request)
  • Driveways, paths, embankments
  • Bench mark placed at front of property
  • Connect to Australian Height Datum (AHD) when required
  • Locate additional buildings in street
  • Rescode requirements by your council

Comprehensive Feature and Levels Survey Plans

As professional and highly trained topographic land surveyors, we help land developers all across Melbourne formulate detailed feature survey plans.

A feature survey shows all of the natural and man-made features on a property.

Feature surveys can be very detailed, depending on the project’s needs, so get in touch to discuss your land survey further and find out an estimate for your feature survey cost.

We cater to individual requirements and can add or remove the required features upon request. With a licensed land surveyor on our team, we can also take care of all the surveying requirements that are part of building and planning permit applications for council. Please see our Resources page for examples of feature and level surveys.

What Does a Feature Survey Show?

A feature survey in Melbourne will show all information about a property, as well as any adjoining properties and other details required by your council in order to develop or make changes to land. This includes ground level, existing structures, fences, drains, utility services, trees and more.

How is a Feature Survey Used?


The results of a feature survey can be used by your designer to conduct their work and are also often needed for relevant council applications.

How Much Does a Feature Survey Cost?


The cost of feature and level surveys can vary depending on the extent of work required. Speak with our team to request a feature survey cost estimate that takes your needs into account.

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