3D Laser Scanning

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3D Laser Scanning Services

Stacey Surveying offers multiple high resolution 3D scanning services to Melbourne based architects and builders. We utilise state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and modelling equipment to create realistic and accurate home/office/warehouse floor plans that will help to get projects put into action. Let our commercial and home architect design your floor plans in 3Dand help to streamline your project.

Our 3D laser scanning services in Melbourne are ideal for architects, as the home/office/warehouse floor plans that are created provide an incredibly detailed visual of the projected result. The 3D laser scanning and modelling technology we use is also exceptionally quick, taking only a few minutes for it to create a rendering of the layout of any existing buildings and landscapes to produce a household floor plan, an office 3D floor plan or a warehouse floor plan.

3D Laser Scanning Services We Offer

Existing Conditions 3D Building Scan

The qualified architects and engineers at Stacey Surveying are available to perform an existing conditions survey of a site to uncover and evaluate any issues it may have. We use state-of-the-art 3D building scanning equipment for 3D laser scanning buildings and properties, helping to verify if the site complies with all relevant construction tolerances to keep the construction project going.

BIM 3D Building Scan

Stacey Surveying provides detailed BIM 3D laser scanning and modelling services that can be used in the development of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Our BIM 3D laser scanning in Melbourne can be modified to make the model as detailed as possible to help fulfil all the requirements of your project.

3D Point Cloud Scan

Stacey Surveying uses Revit point cloud 3D scanning building technology toproduce3D building models that highlight the structural, architectural, plumbing and electrical features of a building. Our 3D building scanning to point cloud service is a simple and affordable way to streamline a construction project and improve turnaround time.

3D Reality Capture Scan

Stacey Surveying uses hi-tech Reality Capture 3D building scanning software that will scan, display and evaluate data in order to build a detailed virtual model of a real-world construction site. Using Reality Capture 3D building scan software provides a great way to confirm that quality control has been adhered to while highlighting any problems that need resolving.

Building Design & Drafting

Stacey Surveying provides3D building drafting and design services that can be used to produce precise 3D building drafting plans for all kinds of projects. Our building design and drafting services include surveying, building designing, building reporting, structural engineering and more. This service can help our clients to attain the local council approvals they need to allow their project to go forward.

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