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Land Surveying & Asset Recording Services in Melbourne

If land surveying relates to the measuring and documenting of particular peaks, troughs and landmarks on a piece of land, then asset recording services concentrate on locating the essential features and services built underground, determining that they’ve been designed and built to meet minimum approved standards.

Stacey Surveying offers a wealth of asset record experience and knowledge that enables us to deliver comprehensive and accurate services for engineers, developers, contractors, Government departments and more across Melbourne and regional Victoria. We can help you by providing:

  • Residential subdivision-specific asset surveys, particularly for services such as water, sewerage, NBN and more
  • Asset recording surveys for various types of water pipelines, including recycled and waste water
  • Analysis of pipe ovality
  • And more

How Long Do Asset Recording Services Take?

Where necessary, as part of our asset recording services we endeavour to provide 24 hour turnaround of field survey work. We offer rapid transmission of data with geo-tagged photos along with video footage that enables you to assess the condition of the asset.

What Types of Infrastructure Can an Asset Record Identify?

An asset record can identify most types of infrastructure, including power poles, pipelines, boundaries, manhole covers, bridges and more.

How Much Does Asset Recording Cost?

The cost of asset recording services can vary depending on the scope and scale of your project. Discuss your job with us today to receive an accurate cost estimate.

Flexible Delivery of Digital Data in Various GIS Formats Available

We are a registered provider of A-Spec digital data ( record digital data in various GIS (Geographical Information System) formats as required by your relevant council. This includes D-Spec (Drainage), O-Spec (Public Open Space) and R-Spec (Road Reserve).

This asset record data is captured to ensure that as-constructed infrastructure is as per design and presented in a format which is usable by a multitude of authorities and councils.

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