Title Amendment

Title Amendment

Titles determine who has ownership of a property, and they serve as legally binding evidence of that arrangement. Titles can be modified to reflect physical boundaries, or where there are differences between neighbouring title plans. Stacey Surveying can assist with title amendment for residential and commercial clients, conducting surveys and collecting important information to achieve a fair outcome.

Why Choose Stacey Surveying?

There’s no better choice than Stacey Surveying when it comes to amendment of title for homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on:

  • Our extensive expertise and years of experience
  • Our high standards of accuracy
  • Our detailed plans
  • Our cutting-edge surveying equipment and software
  • Our competitive costs
  • Engaging with a licensed land surveyor who can assist with all surveying needs

Discuss Your Requirements Today

Look no further than Stacey Surveying when you need title amendment services. Simply call us on 0400 531 138 to discuss your requirements and book a free consultation. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@staceysurveying.com.au or message us online for a prompt response.