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Property Development Services

There are many property development companies in Melbourne to choose from, but it can be difficult to know which one can help get your property development proposal approved by your local council. Whether you’re currently planning to buy and develop a property or block of land or you already own land, you’ll need the guidance of professional property developers to ensure these matters are handled correctly.

Stacey Surveying offers property development services for residential property owners across Melbourne. Our team of residential property developers have vast experience preparing property development proposal applications and planning out a tailored property development strategy for each client. We know how to achieve the best possible chance of success for our clients to ensure they’ll get the maximum return on investment. We evaluate the potential of property development sites to ascertain their value and advise if you should invest in them or not.

Stacey Surveying is one of the most respected property development companies in Melbourne, backed by a team of experienced residential property developers who all have substantial knowledge and experience providing property development strategy services. We use our skills to manage and overcome all the complexities involved with the property development process and provide our clients with the assistance they need to get the best result. From the property development feasibility stage to the completion of the project, we will do our best to complete the project as quickly as possible, reduce the amount of risks involved, and save our clients money.

Property Development Feasibility Study

We can carry out a property development feasibility study to determine how you can best use the property and improve the likelihood of attaining planning permission. It’s imperative that our clients get in touch with our residential property developers as soon as they can. This is due to how long it can take to inspect property development sites, liaise with your local council, and conduct the necessary due diligence before you make any financial contributions to the project.

Property Development Advice

A property development strategy needs to be devised before the application for the development is submitted to ensure its success. This will factor in how to maximise your return on investment and how to go about liaising with the local council to get permission for the proposed developments.

Prepare the Submission

If there’s already a property development proposal or a building plan in the works, Stacey Surveying can give you guidance regarding all relevant council planning rules and legislation. We will coordinate with professional building and construction experts to ensure our clients get the best result for their property development project. We can also help to prepare master plans, strategies, and other kinds of documents.

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If you need professional guidance in regards to the property development process, get in touch with the residential property developers at Stacey Surveying today to find out how we can help. Call us on (03) 9088 3695 or submit an online enquiry to learn more about our property development services.

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