Feasibility Assessments

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Feasibility Assessments

Property development can be a very lucrative venture if it’s planned and managed correctly. Property development feasibility assessments can help to identify and resolve the risks of a potential development, recognise any anomalies regarding building costs, evaluate projected performance, and observe key indicators to provide more confidence in project delivery and outcomes.

Stacey Surveying has a team of certified commercial property valuers and surveyors who can estimate the value of a property development project when it is completed. We have vast experience carrying out both property development and subdivision feasibility assessment studies for small and large-scale land redevelopment and subdivision projects.

Stacey Surveying’s team can provide clients with a detailed and accurate property development feasibility assessment. Our feasibility assessments will include a risk and compliance review and take into account all the different factors involved with the building plans and specifications, all building contracts and tenders, planning approvals, and market analysis and projections.

What Are Property Development Feasibility Assessments?

A project feasibility assessment involves verifying the viability of a proposed development or initiative and determining if the endeavour is technically feasible within the estimated cost and whether it will become profitable. A project feasibility assessment can determine if a project is worth investing in, helping to decrease risks. It also identifies how much money needs to be invested, manages timelines, and takes all legal and regulatory approvals into consideration.

Who Needs Property Development Feasibility Assessments?

Project development companies need to use a project feasibility assessment for a development project before breaking ground. A construction site assessment will give the builder as well as any banking or lending institutions the information they need to determine whether the project is feasible so it can move forward successfully.

Why Feasibility Assessments Are Necessary

There is little margin for error when it comes to land development projects, as having the incorrect information related to design, zoning laws or other matters can lead to project failure. Not organising a property development or subdivision feasibility assessment can cost developers a significant amount of money if a project stalls. A project feasibility assessment will advise clients of any foreseen issues of the project.

What is Included in Property Development Feasibility Assessments?

  • Survey (Site Context, title research, Boundary Surveys)
  • Land use and environmental permitting
  • Site planning
  • Geotechnical investigation (optional)
  • Code review and compliance
  • Neighbourhood impacts

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