Aerial Scanning Drone Surveys

 Aerial Scanning Drone Surveys  Aerial Scanning Drone Surveys  Aerial Scanning Drone Surveys

Aerial Drone Services – Surveying & Mapping

Stacey Surveying is at the leading edge of survey technology as a drone surveying company that utilises professional-grade DJI drone systems to produce accurate and detailed 3D scans. Data can be overlaid to existing survey information, or to MGA coordinates. Our drone survey data is fully orthorectified, meaning that there are no errors or distortion between captured images. These aerial mapping services are particularly useful for:

  • Large scale sites or estates
  • Detailed buildings where traditional survey is unfeasible, such as heritage sites
  • Difficult access sites
  • Volumetric cut and fill calculations

The Benefits of Aerial Survey Drone Technology

Aerial survey drone technology has been a significant technological advancement for the surveying profession. Among the numerous benefits are:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Better data, which enables more options
  • Saves time
  • Enhanced graphics and video
  • Increased safety

Other benefits that come with using land surveying drones include significant risk minimisation and the ability to survey locations that were otherwise inaccessible.

Data Production and Presentation Details

Data collected by the aerial survey drone is produced in various formats. Common types are Autodesk Recap .rcp, .rcs, .pts or .e57. We can also overlay contours or DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and an accompanying orthophoto to your existing AutoCAD dwg file.

Our data is presented at a resolution of 1-2cm per pixel. If required, we can provide higher resolution scans for picking up fine-detail structures such as building facades.

When you’re looking for reputable aerial survey companies that offer drone services in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at Stacey Surveying.