Building Set Outs

When the time comes to begin building your new residential or commercial property, it is necessary to have complete confidence that the plan you have on paper is what gets built. At Stacey Surveying, we offer building set outs that help determine the viability of your plans and ensure they can be brought to life as they should be. Using either nails in stakes or paling fences, we set out the building lines to make sure the property is built in the correct location and with accurately dimensioned walls. Each line is clearly labelled for ease of construction.

Additional Services

As an additional service to building set outs, Finished Floor Levels (FFL’s) are provided shown with a clearly marked nail in a steady fence post or similar. Other required levels can also be provided, such as cut and fill markers. Please see our Resources page for an example survey.

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As a family owned and operated licensed land surveying firm, you can trust us to provide building set outs and other land surveying services of the highest quality. Get in touch with our team today to organise a free consultation. Simply give us a call on 0400 531 138 or enquire online.