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Land surveying is an extremely important aspect of land and property development, requiring the expertise of a professional land surveyor. Surveying helps determine the boundaries and features of a property, what building on the land will entail, and what building regulations need to be satisfied. At Stacey Surveying we are a licensed land surveying firm, allowing us to conduct all surveying work around residential and commercial development. We service the entirety of Melbourne, providing efficient, prompt and accurate land surveying services.

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A family owned and operated business, Stacey Surveying boasts years of experience helping each and every client achieve their land development goals using the latest surveying equipment. We offer a range of excellent services for your benefit, including feature and level surveys, site analysis plansmonitoring surveys and building set outs. From residential subdivision and industrial projects through to large scale developments and more, there’s nothing our professional land surveying team can’t help you with.

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If you’re in need of a professional land surveyor in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Stacey Surveying is a number one choice. Contact us today to organise our services by giving us a call on 03 9088 3695 or by sending us a message via our convenient online enquiry form.

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Got a query related to land development for your Melbourne property, or want the advice of a private building surveyor based in Melbourne? Next time you need land surveying in Melbourne, contact Stacey Surveying today. For more information about our land services in Victoria, contact our surveyors in Melbourne today by calling 03 9088 3695 or completing our convenient online contact form.